Then and Now

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30 Years in Langhorne

In 1979, after significant renovations and work done by faculty, staff, students, and volunteers, the Langhorne campus opened for the 1979-1980 academic year.  For 30 years, PBU has seen God’s blessing in Langhorne.  A new generation of students thinks of the MAC, the BLC, and Heritage Hall when they remember their university experience.

In 2010, PBU is looking forward, praying for God’s provision to renovate and improve the Chatlos Chapel, tennis courts, fitness center, and science labs.  For more information about these projects, visit the PBU website or contact University Advancement at or 866.728.0028.

Chatlos Chapel circa 1979 and today

The student body having outgrown the space, closed-circuit feeds link students in an overflow hall with the chapel services.  This facility will be used for mid-sized events as PBU grows.

Pond circa 1979 and today

A favorite spot for students and community members alike, for many years the pond has offered a cool, quiet place for fellowship and meditation.


Campus Walkways circa 1979 and today

From the central walkway to the paths by the pond, PBU’s campus offers students places to wanter and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.



[framed_box]Haven’t been to the Langhorne campus in a while? Take a virtual tour of PBU’s campus, led by current students, on the PBU website.