Masland Library Gifts

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PBU recently received the gifts of two personal libraries for the Masland Library. Dr. Jonathan Steinberg, an internationally recognized scholar and historian, has been the Walter H. Annenberg Professor of Modern European History at the University of Pennsylvania since 2000, after teaching at Cambridge University for more than thirty years. In 2005 he served with Dr. Marion Kant as an assessor of PBU’s Honors Program, and has both lectured at the University and supervised student work. Dr. Steinberg’s library contains many books on both European history and the study of history as a field.

Dr. Howard F. Vos has had a distinguished career as an expert in historical, geographical, biblical and archeological research. He is the Professor Emeritus of History and Archaeology at The King’s College in New York. Throughout his career he gathered an extensive library of biblical, historical, and archeological works which he donated to PBU in its entirety.

As PBU seeks to develop the Liberal Arts programs and a History degree, these volumes provide an important resource for future academic offerings.