First Year Programs

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Outdoor Action

Director: Stephen Hauser, M.S.

Stephen has worked in Resident Life at Cairn since 2007 and serves as the advisor to ASCEND, the outdoor activity student group.

The Outdoor Action program will focus on developing a unique community of students who will learn together through courses, bond together through outdoor excursions, and grow together through shared life responsibilities. Students will explore the outdoors through weeklong outdoor trips and various weekend activities, receive outdoor training that can lead to certification, and learn from professors who seamlessly integrate the outdoors and the classroom experience.


Arts & Culture

Director: Andrea Fiori, M.Ed.

Andrea has spent 18 years teaching art in a high school and in private studio instruction.

The Arts & Culture program will focus on developing a biblically informed perspective on arts and culture throughout history, in the church, and in society. The program emphasizes rigorous academics, life in community, and cultural engagement. Students will learn to think critically about arts and culture throughout history, gain an understanding of the structure and doctrines of the Bible, learn the language and skills involved in basic art production, including visual structure, organization of space and form, invention, and use of materials, processes, and tools.


Urban Ministry

Director: David “Coz” Crosscombe, M.A.

Coz is the founder and has served as the co-director of Common Grace Philadelphia, Inc.

The Urban Ministry program will focus on developing a unique community of students who will learn together through rigorous courses, acclimate to the needs of urban communities, and serve in those same communities with the heart of developing a Christ-centered social ministry to urban residents. Students will integrate historical and biblical perspectives of the social and spiritual issues relevant to contemporary urban ministry in the United States. In addition, they will learn and understand basic biblical philosophy of ministry and biblical principles of organization and administration relating to the local church and Christian organizations.


Israel & Archaeology

Director: Edgar Hardesty, Th.M.

Ed has taught Bible at Cairn since 1991 and has directed the Bible and Israel program since 2010.

The Israel & Archaeology program will focus on helping students become an integral part of a small group, engaging in ongoing discussion and study of the biblical, historical, and theological implications of the Bible with an emphasis on the land and people of Israel. Students will understand the basics of archaeology and how archaeologists are continuing to study history, experience the archaeological and historical accounts of the biblical narrative, and learn a method for biblical interpretation and application in preparation for further university study.