Planned Giving with Cairn University

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[dropcap3]A[/dropcap3]t Cairn, our mission is to educate students to serve Christ in the church, society, and the world as biblically minded, well-educated, and professionally competent men and women of character. Why wouldn’t you want to support Cairn University in prayer and financial support? One avenue for support is with deferred giving! Planned giving is mapping out what you want to do with your charitable giving. Through the planned giving process, there are a variety of avenues available to enable individuals to provide for their family’s future as well as for Cairn University.[blockquote align=”right”] Our job is to build accountability, confidence, integrity,and trust, which is all part of our friend-raising efforts. [/blockquote]

There are several reasons people give to Cairn University. People give because they believe in the University and our mission. They want to secure the future by providing the best Christian education possible. You can leave a legacy for future generations and express your gratitude toward Cairn and its impact on young men and women.

Our primary role is to help the Cairn community by being a facilitator, working with donors and estate planning professionals. Our job is to build accountability, confidence, integrity, and trust, which is all part of our friend raising efforts. Planned giving is not just about your cash, property, life insurance, charitable remainder unitrust, and assets. We want to help individuals make sure that their family is taken care of, and if they have a heart for our institution, they can provide for Cairn through a planned giving process. Each family’s financial situation is unique, and perhaps we can assist in planning your future.

For further information about Planned Giving with Cairn University, contact University Advancement.