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At Cairn University, Education majors have the opportunity to student teach overseas. Each year, students choose to teach abroad to gain a broader world perspective, develop their teaching skills, and experience what it would be like to live and work internationally. Hear from six students who taught at Christian schools in Asia, Central America, the Caribbean, and Australia.

Lindsey D’Alessandro ’15
Elementary/Middle Level Ed.
(Grades 4–8)
Wesley School, Indonesia

What was your favorite part of your international student-teaching experience?

My favorite part of my international student-teaching experience was being a part of the community of people serving the Lord overseas. It was a six-week snapshot of what missionaries are doing in Indonesia. I was able to hear stories about how the Lord is at work in that particular part of the world and to see how the international Christian school plays a role in that work.

Why do you think it’s important to offer Education majors the opportunity to student-teach overseas?

Teaching overseas pulls you out of your comfort zone and out of the small bubble you live in. I think it is important to have the opportunity to experience a different culture and to learn to listen, observe, and feel a bit out of place. You become more aware of how small you are in the context of a big world. Feeling out of place increases your dependence on God as your provider and sustainer. Meeting Christians from around the world is also really awesome because you see how wonderful the body of Christ is. We are united in Christ, yet so diverse and unique based on our cultures, backgrounds, and experiences.

Jessica Meyers ’15
Elementary/Middle Level Ed.
(Grades 4–8)
International Community School, Thailand

What’s something you learned during your time overseas?

The key thing that I learned as I prepared to teach in Thailand is that God provides. When I first got placed in Thailand, I had no money saved for the trip. Through odd jobs, such as selling jewelry that my mom, sister, and I made, and the generosity of family and friends, I soon had enough money for my trip. God showed me that He would provide by taking care of my financial situation. However, he also provided for me spiritually and socially.

What were some of the meaningful relationships you formed while overseas?

When I first thought about going to Thailand, I knew of two couples from my church who had been missionaries there a long time ago. God worked it out so that one of these couples was visiting Thailand the same time as my placement there. This was a blessing because I was able to see them twice during my time overseas. God also provided many friends while I was in Bangkok. The friendship that was the most meaningful was with another student teacher who goes to the same school as my sister. I was able to meet her before we went overseas, and we were able to encourage one another spiritually throughout our placements.

More international 2015–16 student teachers

Kristy Douglas ’15
Elementary/Early Childhood Ed.
(Grades PK–4)
Heritage International School, Uganda

Wayne Hailstone ’15
Secondary Mathematics Education
(Grades 7–12)
Hebron School, India

Rebekah Zimmerman ’15
Secondary English Education
(Grades 7–12)
La Molina Christian School, Peru

Faith Boyle ’16
Elementary/Middle Level Ed.
(Grades 4–8)
Metro Delhi International School, India

Leia Brunette ’16
Elementary/Middle Level Ed.
(Grades 4–8)
Whitman Academy, Jordan