Cairn Hosts First Faith in Practice Counseling Conference

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Cairn University’s Oasis Counseling Center and graduate counseling programs hosted their first Faith in Practice Conference on Saturday, April 2, 2016. The conference provided an opportunity for counselors, pastors, lay leaders, and students to learn about and grow in the field of counseling while integrating their faith in Christ. With a lineup of distinguished speakers and over 13 seminars to choose from, attendees walked away with further training and were challenged, equipped, and inspired.

The day kicked off with a welcome and address from keynote speaker Dr. Philip Henry. In his opening address, “The Neurobiology of Pornography Addiction,” he explained how the brain functions in relation to pornography addiction and how those of faith can experience the transformative nature of Christ in the midst of their addiction. Later in the day, guest speakers Dr. Philip Monroe, John Stange ’98/G’12, Dr. Randall Hicks, former graduate counseling faculty member Dr. Penny Freeman, and others delivered seminars on a variety of topics and issues.

Cairn’s graduate counseling faculty participated in the event, as well as Dr. Keith Plummer (associate professor in the School of Divinity) and Teri Catanio (director of Cairn’s Career Center). They presented thought-provoking workshops covering topics of sin, grace, and shame; the integration of cognitive behavioral therapy and faith; vulnerability in groups; the impact intimacy with God has on faith and practice; God’s perfect knowledge of man; the structure of the fallen
human personality; and professional development for new counselors.

The variety of sessions throughout the day catered to the multifaceted needs and questions that arise in the counseling profession. The conference ended with a networking event, providing attendees the opportunity to build friendships and professional relationships, fellowship, and learn from one another. Cairn’s first Faith in Practice conference was a success, as many attendees shared their transformative experience of the event and were able to take away a greater understanding of how to live out their calling as men and women of faith.