A Global Appeal

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At Cairn, we call our students to walk a different path. When they leave the University, the expectation is that they will continue to serve Christ wherever God calls them. We also understand that many of our students had already begun to walk a different path long before they came to the University. Our students come from all different walks of life. Some came to the University directly following high school graduation, and others decided Cairn was right for them after spending time at a different institution. Some commute from the neighboring town, and others crossed international waters to learn on Cairn’s campus. Men and women from across the United States and around the world are drawn to the opportunities Cairn offers.

Cairn is appealing to a diverse population of students. Part of this is due to the diverse opportunities of the University. With over 70 academic program offerings, 12 NCAA DIII athletic teams, multiple musical ensembles, and over 40 student clubs and organizations, students can create a university experience that best fits them as an individual. But while our student body may encompass a diverse demographic on a variety of fronts, each student ultimately leaves with a biblically integrated education. The emphasis on Bible and theology throughout the curriculum will always be a centerpiece of the Cairn education. Whether they are athletes, musicians, or student-leaders, our students share a united mission: to serve Christ.


As we continue to go out into the world, students continue to come into Cairn.

“Even though all college students are away from their parents for the first time, it’s different for international students because they are thousands of miles away from their families. Students actively reach out to others at Cairn, and I have come to appreciate that as an international student. I feel at home here” –Angela