FCA Brings Stefen Wisniewski of the Philadelphia Eagles to Campus

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Stefen Wisniewski of the Philadelphia Eagles came to Cairn’s campus to speak at the annual Fellowship of Christian Athletes Breakfast in April. The breakfast served as a fundraiser to provide athletic opportunities to underprivileged children. Cairn student-athletes, FCA representatives, and those of the local community gathered to hear Stefen give his testimony and speak about his role models and post-football plans.

Wisniewski joined the Eagles in April of 2016 after a four-year history on two NFL teams. Starting in 11 games in the 2017 season, Stefen helped the Eagles defeat the New England Patriots 41-33 to win their first Super Bowl in franchise history. Despite the gravity of this amazing accomplishment, Stefen commented, “Because of [Jesus], I have intense joy that is even greater than winning the Super Bowl.”