Lasting Effect of Cairn Chorale in Poland

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When the Cairn University Chorale sang in Lubin, Poland, in 2006, the local SEND International workers had only been in the town for about a year. They wanted to host an outreach event to connect with the community, so the SEND workers requested that the Chorale come to perform a benefit concert. Despite not having a building of their own, the SEND Workers used the concert to help raise money for a building for a local foundation for disabled adults. In 2011, the Chorale again returned to Lubin and did another benefit concert for the foundation.

After the concerts, the CEO of the foundation suggested that the SEND workers write the city president to ask for land for their own building. In time, the city council unanimously agree to sell land to the new church for 1% of the value. After years of prayer, planning, and construction, the church moved into their first building in November 2019. This new space helps them to continue their Language Center: a ministry that had over 250 students last year. The Chorale concerts, Gospel Workshops, and Language Center made this church visible in its community. These outreaches have also opened many other ministry opportunities. The foundation leaders still talk about the Chorale and how they would like to have them back. In addition, two other cities where the Chorale sang in 2006, Wolow and Opole, now have thriving churches.
—Elizabeth Mason Givens, Cairn Board of Trustees