Office Hours: Dr. Brian Luther

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Dr. Luther is a professor of Old Testament in the School of Divinity. Since 2012, his myriad of degrees have prepared him to teach a number of classes including Old Testament, The Pentateuch, Genesis, and even Physics. In addition to teaching, Dr. Luther has various interests that keep him engaged during the times when school is not in session.

Q: So you have two PhDs: one in electrical engineering and another in Old Testament. Can you tell me more about what motivated the switch to seminary?

A: I spent 10 or 11 years in engineering. But when I was in graduate school for engineering, I got involved in a church that was very active in teaching the Bible. I saw the difference it made in my life and how it transformed my spiritual growth. It was completely different from the church I grew up in. I saw the need for others to learn and deeply understand the Bible, and that’s what prompted me to make a change. So I finished up with engineering and went right into seminary. I spent three years in my MDiv, another three years doing my coursework for my PhD, and then six years on my dissertation while I was working as a high school Bible teacher.

Q: How have those other degrees showed up in expected or unexpected ways throughout your life?

A: About 10 or 12 years ago, I helped coach a robotics team at the high school I had been working at. When my kids started attending Calvary Christian Academy, I helped start up a robotics team there. This is my fifth year assisting the teams. My co-coach does the software, and I assist with the mechanical and electrical side. Our teams competed last year and actually made it to the state tournament.

Q: What has been one of your favorite courses to teach?

A: The Wisdom Literature course has to be my favorite course that I regularly teach. I’ve been teaching it for 11 years. I enjoy digging into the challenges of Job and Ecclesiastes and exploring their relevance for Christians today.

Q: When you aren’t teaching or grading, what do you enjoy doing in your free time? I hear you enjoy woodworking!

A: Woodworking is similar to engineering in that I can build and design things. I recently built a solid wood, walnut dining room set—a table and six chairs. I have done smaller items like benches, boxes, and drawers. I also have done bigger stuff more akin to carpentry. I put an addition on the back of our house and then a patio with a pergola. When I’m done teaching in May, the rest of my family is still in school or working, so I find ways to be productive.