Academically Speaking: Spring 2023

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Stephanie Kaceli, dean of educational resources, was one of three librarians to discuss her work on EBSCO FOLIO, a new library service platform (LSP). Over 1,400 registered to hear from and ask questions of Cairn University, Cornell University, and Washington College’s experiences with this open-source library system.


Dr. Keith Plummer, dean, was recently interviewed on The Disciple-Making Parent about his chapter on scientism in the book Before You Lose Your Faith: Deconstructing Doubt in the Church. It can be accessed at

Dr. Gary Schnittjer, distinguished professor of Old Testament, presented two papers at the ETS National Meeting in November 2022: “(Re)location, (Re)location, (Re)location: Deuteronomy 12-shaped David and Solomon in Chronicles” and “Old Testament Use of Old Testament and Progressive Revelation.” Also in November, he did a presentation on “Bequeathing Wrath: Exegetical Use of Scripture in Exodus 34” at the Institute for Biblical Research. This article will be published in a volume of essays by Sheffield Phoenix. His new article in the Journal for the Study of the Old Testament is titled, “Going Vertical with Love Thy Neighbor: Exegetical Use of Scripture in Leviticus 19:18b.”

Dr. Kevin McFadden, professor of New Testament, presented two papers at the National Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in November 2022: “The Nature of Saving Faith in James” and “The Use of the First Person Plural in Paul.” He also gave the annual Rice Lectures at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary in March 2023 on the theme “The Pistis Christou Debate and Pauline Theology.”

Dr. Bryan Murawski was interviewed on The Bob Dutko Show, Afternoons with Bill Arnold, and Dr. Michael Brown’s radio show, The Line of Fire. He was interviewed about his book, Preaching Difficult Texts of the Old Testament. He also presented an informational webinar through the University: “Preaching PG-13 Texts.” He presented two papers at the ETS National Meeting in November 2022: “‘From There I Will Gather Them’: The Use of Deuteronomy 30 in Nehemiah 1:9” and “‘The LORD is with Him’: Textual Connections in 1 Samuel 16:14–23.”

Dr. Gregory Parker Jr. presented “Re-Imagining Heidelberg: The Munus Triplex in Bavinck’s Ecclesiology” at the ETS National Meeting in November 2022.

Dr. Matthew McAlack helped organize and lead two community events in Bristol Borough, PA, “Christmas Caroling at the Wharf” and the “SouperBowl of Caring Food Drive” to benefit Bristol-area food pantries. He also spoke at a winter retreat at Crossing Community Church (Newtown, PA).


Dr. Stacey Bose, dean, wrote a paper titled “Challenges in Learning Phonics and Phonemic Awareness: Case Studies of Pre-service Elementary Teachers” for Pennsylvania Teacher Educator, 21(2). She shared about this article in a roundtable discussion at the PAC-TE (The Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Teacher Educators) Conference in Harrisburg. She also wrote “Professional Development for the Science of Reading” for Phi Delta Kappan, 104(5).

Dr. John Furrow presented a seminar titled “The Living Curriculum” at the Distinctive Teaching and Learning Conference held at Gaston Christian School in Gastonia, NC. The session was based on Luke 6:40 and the impact teachers can have on their students through their life and words.


Brandon Petcaugh, chair of computer science programs, graduated from Georgia Tech with an MS in Computer Science in December 2022.


Greg Jensen, chair of natural sciences, contributed to Fittingness and Environmental Ethics: Philosophical, Theological and Applied Perspectives, edited by Michael S. Northcott and Steven C. van den Heuvel (Milton Park, England: Routledge, February 2023). His chapter contribution is titled “Representation as Isolation: The Unfittingness of Waste.”