New Program: Digital Media and Communication (BA)

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With the ever-increasing need for individuals who can effectively communicate in digital spaces, understanding the importance of effective writing and visual design is crucial. In light of this need, Cairn is excited to introduce a
Digital Media and Communication (BA) program.

Through the incorporation of new courses including Writing for Social Media and the Web, Digital Storytelling, Communication and Culture, and many others, students will graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to prepare
them for a wide range of careers and opportunities that are available in digital spaces. Throughout these courses, students will complete certifications in and through industry-standard tools such as Hubspot or Google Digital Academy.

As part of their curriculum, students will also have the opportunity to complete internships with both Christian and secular organizations in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, giving them hands-on learning opportunities and experience for their resumes. And with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting an increase in demand for this work resulting in about 68,000 new jobs, Cairn graduates will be entering a career field that is ready to hire. To learn more or apply for the upcoming semester, visit