Cairn University Named Sole Academic Partner for OneLife Institute

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OneLife Institute has announced a sole academic partnership with Cairn University for the 2023–2024 academic year. Cairn’s partnership with the nine-month gap year program originated in 2018, when the University was one of several academic partners to offer college credit through OneLife. Now as the sole academic partner, Cairn University will be offering up to 27 college credits to the OneLife students of all four campuses. OneLife alumni who choose to complete their undergraduate degree at Cairn will benefit from a significant $15,500 annual scholarship.

Josh Beers, president of OneLife, says of the partnership: “We prayerfully choose who we partner with at OneLife. The unwavering commitment of Dr. Williams and Cairn University to the truth of God’s Word and their clear commitment to their students has been a springboard for the continued growth of OneLife. OneLife is humbled and grateful to be part of the Cairn family.”

Cairn is excited to continue to work with OneLife in order to best serve the students both in the program and those who continue their studies at Cairn. To learn more about the program and Cairn’s partnership with OneLife, visit