Inside the Fall 2013 issue:

Cairn Magazine Fall 2013 Cover
Feature Story:
Why Cairn?
by Todd J. Williams, Ph.D., Brian G. Toews, Ph.D., and Marissa A. Rumpf, M.Ed.

On My Mind:
Rethinking Urban Ministry
by David “Coz” Crosscombe, Ph.D.

In Depth:
Redeeming the Present Time
by Jonathan L. Master, Ph.D.

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Todd J. Williams, Ph.D.
To Whom Much is Given

by Todd J. Williams, Ph.D.
It was a fitting way to celebrate a 100th anniversary. The weather was perfect. The crowd was the biggest ever. The fireworks finale had everyone talking for days. This year’s Homecoming was a blessing to everyone who took part.

Ashley Frutiger
To Israel, Macedonia, Vietnam, and Beyond

For TESOL teacher Ashley Frutiger, Cairn did more than prepare her. It guided her at every step along the way to an experience teaching English in Vietnam with a Christian sending organization.

Nate Wambold
Introducing Nate Wambold, Director of Alumni Relations

We have begun to reexamine Cairn’s philosophy of alumni relations: what it means to be an alum, what it means to be (if you will) a good alum, and what it means for a university to be a faithful alma mater to its graduates.