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[dropcap3]A[/dropcap3]nyone who has been a PBU student in recent years is familiar with the exhortation, “Be a Part of It!” Student Life staff members have worked to inform, engage, and inspire students to get involved during their time here. We would like to borrow that phrase as we introduce the new website to the entire PBU community.

Our dynamic, interactive online presence is designed to help us walk together as students, alumni, friends, faculty, and staff. Visit us any time from wherever you live, work, and serve with the confidence of knowing you are receiving current information about all things PBU. Our new website is not just a fresh compilation of photos, graphics, and text. Technology allows us to interact with you about news and events. We are excited about the opportunity we have to initiate, maintain, and reestablish relationships with you.

On the Web

At the bottom of each web page are links to PBU blogs and social media sites. Students and faculty members maintain blogs that provide an inside perspective of today’s University life. We can introduce PBU to the world by informing others how they can find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. As who we are and what we do is blogged about, tweeted, and posted to Facebook, we are committed to serving you by maintaining a relevant and reliable online presence. We are pleased about the ways that now exist for prospective students, families, and friends to connect with us.

Another aspect of our online presence is the establishment of this online edition of our magazine. PBU Today online will allow readers to comment on articles, interact with the authors and other readers, and share the articles easily. We look forward to the possibilities an online magazine provides for future expansion.

This new website should encourage all of us. Please take the time to regularly visit our website and rediscover what is taking place here at PBU. Join us in celebrating the turning of this new page for the University and in appreciating the potential that it holds for us all.