Campus Improvements

Learn more about the improvements made to PBU's tennis courts and science classroom.

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The new tennis courts were completed early in the fall semester

Last winter, in this section, we announced a generous gift from an anonymous donor for a number of campus improvements including construction and renovation of PBU’s tennis courts. During the summer of 2011, construction was completed on two new courts and lighting was installed for all six. The courts will benefit the University and will facilitate community interaction through clinics, camps, and public usage. In addition, the courts also provide the women’s tennis team, which produced more wins last season than in the previous three combined, with a home court for tournament play.

Lecture space for non-lab classes

Another summer project at PBU was the renovation of the existing science classrooms into a new science lab, with the necessary equipment and setting for science courses. The renovated lab will contain separate lecture and laboratory spaces, making it ideally suited to science classes that are laboratory-intensive as well as those that will use the lab space only occasionally.

New laboratory facilities enable PBU to expand current sciences curriculum

New, built-in lab furniture including lab benches and cabinetry, with sinks and multiple electrical outlets at each station, allow students to learn and apply science process skills in an inquiry-based setting. Requirements for laboratory safety and recommendations for student accessibility guided the lab design. The renovated lab enables PBU to expand its natural science course offerings and enhances the depth and quality of instruction of current natural
sciences courses.