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Cairn University continues its focus on bringing the visual arts to campus through strategic partnerships, development of new courses, and the encouragement of student artists. A key partner in the art exhibits we have had on campus in recent years is White Stone Gallery, a Christian gallery located in the Manayunk neighborhood of Philadelphia. In light of the University’s name change, White Stone Gallery shared a statement of support:

“Cairn University is its own stone monument designed to guide the driven students towards their bright future. Each walks his or her own path, guided by the cairns of education. When the time comes to depart with their faith and knowledge as a guide, each student is academically prepared and has the biblical knowledge to conquer not only a spiritual field such as working directly in a ministry, but also to bring their spirituality to other occupations, for example, careers in corporate firms, public school systems and orchestras.

“By changing its name, Cairn University removes the assumption that they solely prepare students for ministry and specifically Christian occupations. The new name conveys a university that not only closely follows the principles of Jesus Christ, but also applies a holistic approach in preparing its students for a variety of careers. This philosophy is much like White Stone Gallery’s. Cairn University and White Stone Gallery alike encourage individuals to explore their passions in mind and spirit. For the past decade, the gallery has promoted art influenced by a Christian worldview. For example, one artist’s intent is for his work to inspire hope in those who have none. But just like Cairn University, there is much more behind this. Incorporated with a faith influence, these works of art must be well-rounded, including technical skill, natural talent, passion, and a certain degree of aesthetic beauty.

“White Stone Gallery has always been honored to associate with Philadelphia Biblical University. But now that the name of the school more closely reflects its core values, it will be easier for the gallery to explain and publicize projects with the University. White Stone Gallery is excited to continue a relationship with Cairn University especially at such a significant time in their journey.”

Cairn University thanks Derek and Susan Hook and Paolma Sonzogni for the White Stone Gallery’s statement of support. The art exhibits on Cairn’s campus are provided by White Stone Gallery. Art exhibits are open to the public. To learn more, call 215.752.5800.