Announcing Cairn University

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Cairn University BillboardBillboard advertising

[one_half]When new students arrived at campus this fall, they were greeted by signs which bore the new name.  Drivers on Route 1 near the University’s campus see a billboard that announces “PBU is now Cairn.”

When a university changes its name, it is important to let people know. From communications with alumni and friends to interactions with our local community, from radio ads to billboards, from magazine ads to signs on our campus, the avenues are numerous.

Staff and faculty members across the University worked this summer to get the name out there- to spread the word that Cairn University is a place where students are educated to serve Christ in the church, society, and the world.[/one_half][one_half_last]Cairn University Magazine AdCairn University Mission Statement Sign

National magazine ad (top) and
mission statement signage (bottom)

[blockquote cite=”J. Scott Cawood, Vice President, Enrollment and Student Life”]I am excited about the opportunity the name change gives us to emphasize the strengths of who we are as a University while recruiting under a new brand. We have a chance to use the word ‘cairn’ to define an education where students will utilize in-depth study of the Bible to be uniquely prepared for professions through a variety of majors.[/blockquote]

Cairn University Signs
Campus signage

Cairn University Bus Ad
SEPTA bus ads