Retirements: Mr. Ron Ferner and Dr. Paul Isensee

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Ron Ferner, M.B.A.

Dean, School of Business and Leadership

Ron-FernerMr. Ron Ferner, Dean of the School of Business and Leadership, is retiring this year after 17 years of teaching at Cairn University. Dean Ferner established Cairn’s Business and Administration program in 1997, after retiring from a long career at Campbell Soup Company.

Dean Ferner had an open door policy with students and would pray with them during advising appointments. He would often counsel students and provide them with career assistance when they did not know how to proceed. Dean Ferner cared deeply for students, rejoicing in their personal growth and career success. He stays in touch with many alumni, who remember him as a supportive, personable, godly, and kind professor. They recall his many stories about Campbell Soup, as well as his guidance as a Sam Walton Fellow overseeing numerous award-winning Enactus teams.

Mr. Ron Ferner has been a pioneer at the University, building a program that has become a key element in Cairn’s mission and vision. We look forward to the ways that God will continue to use Dean Ferner in service, ministry, and the Cairn community in the years to come.



Paul Isensee

Dean, School of Music

Isensee, PaulDr. Paul Isensee, Dean of the School of Music, is retiring this July after 12 years of teaching at Cairn University. During his time of leadership, Dr. Isensee significantly challenged and changed the music curriculum, introducing diverse programming and numerous musical expressions ranging from musical theater to jazz. He was also instrumental in elevating Cairn University to All- Steinway School status, making the highest quality of instrument available to musicians on campus.

Among colleagues, Dr. Isensee is known for being a real gentleman and a real professional, one who truly cares for his colleagues. Since 2004, he has been a stable and compassionate leader through the deaths of faculty members Mr. Kenneth Benjamin and Dr. Samuel Hsu. Music majors and alumni remember that he has a heart for the Lord and a heart for hard work, modeling both of those godly characteristics for his students.

Through curricular changes, new recruitment tactics, and wise leadership, Dr. Isensee has positioned Cairn’s music program strongly for the second century. More importantly, he has invested for over a decade in the Music program’s students and faculty members, empowering them to serve and lead as godly and well-equipped musical professionals.