New! Sample Courses for Cairn’s Online Graduate Programs

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Curious about Cairn’s online graduate program options? Check out our new sample courses! Access these eLearning modules and other information about each online program at

Master of Science in Education/Master of Science in Educational Leadership and Administration
EDU 762 — Teaching the Diverse Learner

In this course, graduate students examine the learning styles, multiple intelligences, and at-risk characteristics that present themselves in student populations. Lessons address strategies for differentiating teaching strategies, classroom management, and assessment for diverse learners.


Master of Science in Organizational Leadership
ORL 612 — Principles of Team Dynamics and Development

How do leaders shape teams that perform powerfully and collaborate efficiently? How do leaders intervene in group problems that threaten to derail an organization from achieving its mission? In this course, graduate students learn the theories and practices necessary to build effective teams and navigate group dynamics.


Master of Arts degree in Religion
BIB 703 — Old Testament Prophets

In this course, graduate students study the Old Testament prophets in relation to the rest of Scripture, giving special attention to the hermeneutical skills needed to interpret these books today.