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Improve student affordability.

The Cairn Fund

The first priority of Forward: The Campaign for Cairn University is making a biblical education accessible to students of all backgrounds. We believe that students should be able to choose a college based on what they value, not what they can afford. With over 85% of our student body eligible for need-based aid, scholarships enable students to focus on their studies, ministry, and campus involvement, rather than next semester’s tuition bill. Only with additional support will our student body fully reflect the diversity represented in the body of Christ and empower future alumni to serve Christ without excessive debt.

What the $3.6 million will fund:
$3.6 million: Scholarships
One hundred percent of gifts to The Cairn Fund provide direct financial aid for students in the form of need-based grants, merit scholarships, and special awards for students with demonstrated potential to contribute in unique ways to the classroom and the Cairn community. Tuition discounts and scholarships help us recruit and retain student leaders, honors students, skilled musicians, “missionary kids,” international students, and more.

Raised by launch (Oct. 1): $2.1 million



Expand academic opportunities.

Science and technology programs

With today’s advances in science and technology, tomorrow’s world is being shaped by those working in these high-demand fields. As Cairn explores new majors in the health sciences, computer science, and the graphic arts, there is more at stake than employability; biblically integrated training in these fields is an investment in the effectiveness of ministries and the spread of the gospel. Through Cairn’s 30-credit theological core curriculum and rigorous coursework by faculty experts in the STEM fields, we can prepare professionals who will transform these influential workplaces professionally and spiritually.

What the $1.5 million will fund:
$250 thousand: Development and marketing costs of new programs
$750 thousand: Faculty salaries (3 years)
$500 thousand: Renovation of needed lab facilities

Raised by launch (Oct. 1): $300 thousand



Build campus community.

Student life and athletics

Like our curriculum and ministries, Cairn’s facilities embody the values of the University: our intentionality about living the Christian life together and our commitment to engaging the world in which we live. It is time for Cairn to update and expand our facilities, creating spaces that anticipate further growth and facilitate even stronger relationships among those on our campus and across our region. We are building a vibrant center of activity on campus, bringing together students, alumni, employees, and residents of Bucks County through access to athletic and recreational facilities, outdoor gathering spaces, and event venues for Student Life and the larger community.

What the $9.9 million will fund:
$4 million: Athletic Complex — Part A
On the north side of the MAC, current plans for the athletic complex include new baseball and softball stadiums with lighted fields and a sound system, outdoor basketball courts, a sand volleyball court, and a new outdoor gathering area, complete with fire pits.

$3.4 million: Athletic Complex — Part B
On the south side of the MAC, current plans for the athletic complex include a lighted soccer competition field, a quick-dry turf field for practice and intramurals, and a spectator area open to the entire Cairn community, featuring picnic tables, a snack stand, and grassy seating berms.

$1.9 million: MAC athletic offices
With the relocation of the campus store, Cairn Highlander Athletics has the opportunity to expand its athletic offices and bring our athletic and fitness amenities up to NCAA Division III standards. Projects funded will include new locker rooms and showers, a hydrotherapeutic whirlpool, and a renovated Hall of Fame.

Raised by launch (Oct. 1): $3.4 million

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