Business and Basketball

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It’s common among women’s athletic teams to call a teammate a “sister.” However, this sister bond is a reality for two of Cairn’s basketball powerhouses.

Kendra and Tori, only two years apart, both grew up playing middle and high school basketball. Basketball played a major role in Kendra’s decision to study at Cairn. After a successful season, women’s basketball coach Walt Zamroz was determined to add a second Stum sister to the roster.

“Coach tried to recruit me over and over again,” remarked Tori. “I told him I would at least play for one year. It was during that first year that I truly fell in love with basketball.” The sisters have now completed two seasons beside one another with one season ahead of them both.

Their childhood practice has culminated in a deep understanding of each other’s body language and facial expressions. Kendra explained that this allows them to assist each other on the court, saying, “It’s fun when the other person is having a good game or scores. We get so excited for each other.”

Both of the sisters are also in the middle of the dual-level MBA program, taking most of their courses together. Between class, practice, and their home life, the two are inseparable. Although it is “sometimes hard to appreciate your sibling,” Tori said they have really grown to admire one another through their time together.

Kendra emphasized, with her sister nodding in agreement, that although it’s a challenge to manage your time as a student-athlete, “it’s extremely rewarding and exciting, especially when you get to do it with your best friend.”