Changing Careers

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Alex Arseneau ’09 graduated from the University as a business major, but he now serves as a police officer in the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department. He worked in the insurance and banking industries for several years after graduation before deciding that he needed a significant career change. Alex’s transition to a career in law enforcement was spurred both by his disdain for desk work and a desire to serve the community in a different and exciting environment. He began his training at the Reading Police Academy in 2016.

After over a year on the force, Alex remarks that integrity is one of the most important qualities of a police officer, because “once you lose it, it’s hard to get back.” He believes that the ethics, problem solving, communication skills, and leadership skills that he developed as a business student help him every day in the field. The situations Alex deals with on a daily basis are unlike anything he experienced in his previous jobs. While he admits it is difficult to engage with the suffering he sees every day, he says that he is “still constantly reminded of God’s hope and forgiveness through His Word.”