Giving Generously and Generatively

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Saritha ’12/G’15 and Michael Rothermel ’14 have grown to understand the significant place of generosity in the lives of Christians. Since graduation, Michael has worked at HOPE International, now as their photo/video producer in addition to freelancing. Saritha works as a mental health therapist in the Child/Adolescent Inpatient Unit at Wellspan Philhaven. Working for nonprofit organizations has given the Rothermels a unique perspective on giving and challenged them to evaluate the role and impact of a donor. Saritha describes philanthropy as “an active partnership with what God is doing to redeem His kingdom around the world.”

As a response of their mutual desire to give generously and generatively, Saritha and Michael have started a donor advised fund called the Timshel Collective. Saritha and Michael collaborate with other donors, including Cairn alumni Tim Hurd ’12, Mary Ralph ’13, Tim ’10 and Beth Lansner ’12, Bill ’12 and Bethany Lukacs ’11, Dan ’14 and Rebecca Hanselman ’14, Dan Laubach ’15, Lillie Otte ’11, and Christine Rollings ’09, to give to nonprofits that “further the kingdom of God.”

This collective charitable giving group allows members to give in a way that is “greater than any of our own single efforts and sustainable beyond our lifetime.” You can learn more about their desire to give in their podcast.