Csehy Summer School of Music Will Return to Cairn in Summer 2019

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Cairn University is excited to welcome the Csehy Summer School of Music back to its campus next summer. Csehy integrates music with faith, providing opportunities for local and international students to develop their musical gifts and deepen their faith. Csehy has
nurtured musical disciples for over 50 years and will continue that legacy at Cairn.

The Csehy Summer School of Music has gone through several location changes since its founding. In 1995, the school moved from Muncy Terraces to Cairn, where it remained on until 2008. Houghton College then hosted Csehy for 10 years. Now, the school will continue its legacy at Cairn University beginning in the summer of 2019.

Csehy’s programming includes both musical ensembles and private lessons. The major ensembles are the orchestra, symphonic band, string ensemble, chamber choir, and handbells. Students have private lessons throughout the week and attend daily music theory classes ranging from introductory theory through analysis and composition. Every day begins with chapel and ends with a hymn-sing and small group devotions in the evening. Each week of the summer culminates in a highly anticipated closing concert, where every camper performs in the major ensembles.

Csehy holds a special place in the heart of the Cairn community. Many faculty and students over the years have attended Csehy as students or held positions within the organization. Graeme Burgan, who serves as a professor for the University’s worship and music program, is the executive director of Csehy and Dr. Benjamin Harding, dean of the School of Music, serves on Csehy’s piano and conducting faculty. Other Cairn faculty members serve on the teaching staff at Csehy, including Heidi Wolfskill, Suzanne Schmidt, and Eric Jones. Many Cairn students are Csehy alumni and have also served as counselors.

In 2019, Csehy will host separate weeks for middle school and high school students. The middle school week is from June 23–28 and the high school sessions run from June 30–July 27. For more information or to register for the upcoming summer, visit csehy.org.