Cairn University Will Offer MBA in Hong Kong Through Lumina College

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Cairn University has officially partnered with Lumina College in Hong Kong. As part of this formal partnership, Cairn University will be offering its Master of Business Administration (MBA) to students in Hong Kong through Lumina.

Using the University’s curriculum, Lumina will offer its students a hybrid education where they will learn from both Lumina faculty on campus and Cairn faculty online. Since Cairn University’s MBA has a specific focus on international entrepreneurship, it is a relevant and valuable program to offer in Hong Kong, one of the world’s most significant financial centers.

The relationship between the two schools began with a visit to Hong Kong in 2016. Lumina was born out of the long-standing ministry Breakthrough, a youth organization that inspires “young people to strive for a meaningful life, care for society, and to know and follow Jesus Christ.” Lumina’s passion for Christian education makes it a mission-fit partner for the University and its biblically integrated MBA program.

“The relationship with Lumina is part of our larger global commitment,” said Paul Neal, senior vice president for marketing and enrollment. “Offering our MBA in Hong Kong would not have been possible if it were not for our international outreach over the past
several years. This partnership is just one outcome of our global initiative.”

The first students in this program are expected to begin coursework in Fall 2019. Study-abroad and internship opportunities in Hong Kong for Cairn University students are also being explored.