Custom Sound System Installed in Chatlos Chapel

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A new sound system was designed and installed in Chatlos Chapel this summer to improve the room’s acoustics and sound quality. Utilizing the acoustics modeling software EASE, the chapel was measured and a set of custom speakers were designed. These speakers include high-frequency sound waveguides, which were cut to fit the unique shape and structure of Chatlos Chapel. These waveguides direct the sound towards the audience rather than the walls; this improves the sound quality for chapel worship and speakers, and musical theater performances.

The funding for this project was inspired by the legacy of Mrs. Loraine Bemiss (1925–2016), a gifted pianist, lifelong choir member, and music teacher in her early professional life. Mrs. Bemiss came from a large and musically gifted family, which includes one Cairn student. In addition to the upgrades to the chapel sound system, the family of Mrs. Bemiss has also honored her memory by funding the music technology lab and and providing a music scholarship in her name.