Dr. Jason VanBilliard Appointed Sr. Vice President and Provost

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Serving at Cairn since 2001 as a faculty member and administrator, Dr. VanBilliard has held positions such as chair of secondary education programs, director of the mathematics education program, and dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Dr. VanBilliard is an alumnus of Cairn, and he holds an MA in Mathematics from West Chester University and an EdD in Mathematics Education from Temple University.
In 2014, Dr. VanBilliard transitioned from his role as dean to adjunct faculty to take the position of Assessment Lead in the Mathematics Group at Educational Testing Service in Princeton, NJ. This position included the development of the AP® Calculus Exam and the quantitative reasoning section of the GRE® General Test. More recently, he has held the role of director of Pre-AP® Assessment Development (STEM), where he worked on the development of the Pre-AP® mathematics and science assessments.
The position of senior vice president and provost was previously held by Dr. Brian Toews, the University’s longest standing provost, who stepped down in August 2018. Dr. Toews continues to serve at the University as a professor in the School of Divinity; chair of the Global Mission Board; and director of The Center for University Studies, where he heads up the honors and study abroad programs—both of which grew considerably under his leadership as provost.
“I am extremely grateful to the Lord for Dr. Toews’ service as provost this past decade, and I look forward to his continued contribution to the work at Cairn,” said Dr. Todd Williams, president of the University. “I am also extremely grateful to God for bringing Dr. Jason VanBilliard back to the University. He is a highly qualified and capable individual who loves and believes in the mission of this institution in a deeply personal way.”