Cairn University Receives Reaccreditation for School of Music Programs

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The National Association of Schools of Music reviewed Cairn University and the programs in the School of Music and granted reaccreditation for all music programs. Accreditation was affirmed for the maximum time period of 10 years. Cairn University was granted Associate Membership by NASM in 1972 and Full Membership in 1979.

The reaccreditation application is a rigorous process and demonstrates that Cairn University and the School of Music maintain high-quality standards and implement best practices in the field of music.

“The National Association of Schools of Music is an important group of 600+ sister institutions across the country,” says Benjamin Harding, dean of the School of Music. “With Cairn being a member of this association since 1972, we have maintained and contributed to the standards set out by the association. The School of Music continues to build on the foundation of these standards and forge the way as a 21st century music program.”