Academically Speaking

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In addition to teaching and serving at the University, Cairn’s faculty and staff are committed to growing professionally, participating in ministry, and pursuing their academic interests.


Dr. Todd J. Williams, president, was the keynote speaker at CAMP-of-the- WOODS in August 2020. He entitled his speaking series, “How Should We Live When Life Is Not Kind?”


Dr. Keith Plummer, dean, has hosted three informational webinars: “Church Ministry in the Digital Age: A Conversation with Jay Kim,” “How Do We Talk about God in a Skeptical Age? A Conversation with Joshua Chatraw,” and “Evangelical Theology and the Challenge of Classical Theism with James Dolezal.”

Dr. Gary Schnittjer wrote “Blessing of Judah as Generative Expectation” for the Bibliotheca Sacra Journal. He also contributed “Kadesh Infidelity of Deuteronomy 1 and Its Synoptic Implications” to the 63.1 issue of The Journal of Evangelical Theological Society. He presented a paper, “Like Parent, Like Offspring: Old Testament Use of Scripture and New Testament Use of Scripture” at the Institute for Biblical Research’s New Testament Use of the Old Testament Research Group in December 2020. Dr. Schnittjer is also the chairperson of the newly formed Scriptural Use of Scripture consultation for the national conference of the Evangelical Theological Society.

Dr. James Dolezal discussed his book, All That Is in God, on Reformed Forum’s podcast Christ the Center in March 2020. A review of his book was featured in Tabletalk Magazine in February 2020. Dr. Dolezal also spoke on “What Every Missionary Needs to Know About God” in an interview with ABWE International in December 2020.

Dr. Edgar Hardesty spoke at America’s Keswick for their Family Week the week of July 19–24, 2020.


Dr. Stacey Bose, dean, received the Jones-Daly Faculty Involvement Award in March 2020.

Becky Cella, director for student teaching, hosted an informational webinar: “Resilience and Burnout Prevention for Educators.”

Dr. Sheryl Vasso taught on “Models of Teaching” at the International Christian School of Budapest in March 2020. In October 2020, she presented on “Teacher Self-Care” at Heritage School in Wayne, PA. She also hosted an informational webinar on “A Biblical Framework for Teacher Self-Care” in January 2021.


Dr. Benjamin Harding, dean, performed “Joy and Imagination: A Piano Recital” over livestream for Faith Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, DE, on October 11, 2020.

Ruth Naomi Floyd won the San Francisco Classical Voice (SFCV) Audience Choice Awards for Best Vocal Recital in August 2020 for her performance of Fredrick Douglas Jazz Works at Biola University in February 2020. She was also added to the Kimmel Center’s Jazz Residency in January 2020. As a part of this residency, she composed a Mother’s Day song for a contest winner who happened to be her former student, Diamond Franklin ’19.

Dr. Scott Watson published four new band compositions in Summer 2020: Light Up the Sky (Grade 3, Alfred), Rock Solid (Grade 2, Alfred), Escape From Thunder Mountain (Grade 1.5, Alfred), and Kitchen Musicians (Grade 1, Alfred). He also wrote “Lights, Camera . . . Learning! Tips for Making Videos for Remote Instruction” for the Alfred Music Blog in July 2020.


Dr. Lawrence Ressler hosted an informational webinar: “Dealing with Conflict in an Era of COVID-19.”

Meghan Krouse hosted an informational webinar: “Weathering the Storm Together: Supporting Your Child’s Emotional Well-Being through the COVID-19 Crisis.”

Rebecca Brittain and Sharyvette Mattos hosted an informational webinar, “Work Wiser, Not Harder: Creating a Healthy Work/Life Balance in a Busy World.”


Dr. Aneesh Khushman, dean, went on a medical mission trip to India in January 2020.

Kim Jetter, director of Oasis counseling services, hosted an informational webinar: “Psychological Safety, Health, and Wellness in the Age of COVID-19.”

Dr. Bryan Maier hosted an informational webinar: “Treating Generalized Anxiety Disorder in the Era of COVID-19.”

Dr. Ashlyn Jones hosted an informational webinar: “Building Trauma-Informed Education and Counseling Practices.”

Scott Leary wrote “A Biblical Critique of The U.S. Prison System” for the Journal of Christian Legal Thought.