Biology Students Travel to India for a Medical Mission Trip

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For the first time since 2019, Cairn University students went overseas for missions service. Dr. Aneesh Khushman, dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, took a group of his biology students to North India to serve.

Dr. Khushman, a medical doctor, makes this annual pilgrimage back to his parents’ country to provide medical services, including leprosy care and baby delivery, to remote farm towns. Two mission hospitals hosted the group. Most of the students spoke in the daily chapel service, and the students accompanied the medical staff on their morning rounds. They also went into the local villages and offered free clinics, serving hundreds of patients over the two-week period. A VBS was also conducted for the children of the hospital staff.

Bringing the students along with him allowed for their team to care for patients that the students would not normally see, and to see the Gospel preached and lived out in practical ways in a country where Christianity is not the largest religion or indeed part of the cultural ethos.