Impact Report: Fall 2022

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Giving Faithfully to a Faithful Institution: Tom and Jane Loveless

Considering they are not alumni, Tom and Jane Loveless have been surprised how often their paths have crossed with Cairn University. Whether it be keeping up with the changes at the University that they heard at church or through having friends who attended, the Loveless family, even from a distance, could testify to Cairn’s consistent mission. Tom says: “There’s a lot of things that wavered over time. There’s a lot of things that faded over time. But Cairn was one of the things you could always depend on.”

When it came time for their son, also named Tom, to choose a college, they knew Cairn would be a great choice. But they wanted the Lord, not mom and dad, to lead him there. Tom’s initial college plans did not include Cairn. But his plans changed completely during a campus visit, when he had a conversation with President Williams. His genuine care and interest in him and his future were evident to Tom and even more so to his parents. Now, he’s a senior mathematics education major preparing for student teaching and graduation this spring.

Cairn is not only a place that the Lovelesses are thrilled for their son to attend, it is also an institution that they are proud to financially support. The Lovelesses describes Cairn’s mission as “focused on producing well-educated, independent students who have a very strong and foundational biblical worldview.” Critical parts of accomplishing this mission, in Tom’s view, are the Apologetics and US Government and Civics courses that every student takes.

The Lovelesses are faithful supporters of a few ministries and organizations, but they are highly selective in who they choose to support. They want the organization to have a proven record of using their donations in ways that directly support their mission (and not unnecessary overhead or extravagance). They also only support organizations that do not shrink under cultural pressure or compromise biblical values. They are happy to say that Cairn checks all the boxes.

Tom and Jane are proud to continue to steward a school that commits wholeheartedly to a Christian education. Through their support of Christian education at Cairn, the Lovelesses are able to “be accountable followers of Christ in a way that will positively affect others around them.”