Over 100 Individuals Conquer the First Annual Highlander Mudder

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In April, the University held its first annual Highlander Mudder. Building on the momentum of the previous two years’ worth of 5Ks, the Highlander Mudder added a new burst of adrenaline and challenge to a timed race.

Over several weeks, the mudder course was built by University staff and volunteers, taking advantage of the natural landscape of the campus as much as possible. Over 30 obstacles were constructed over the two-mile course. Participants took on challenging obstacles such as climbing over walls, crawling in the mud, and pulling themselves across the pond in a canoe, ending the race with a steep slide into a final mud pit.

With registration being nearly half the cost of other national mudder events, the Highlander Mudder proved to be an attractive event for all ages. Participants ranged in age from 7 to 66 years old. And since most of the obstacles offered participants the option to choose a level of difficulty, the mudder provided a true challenge for the fittest of athletes while still giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy and complete the race.

The Highlander Mudder will return for 2023. Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 29.