Dr. Steele Brand Hired to Lead Cairn University’s New Politics, Philosophy, and History Program

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Cairn University is excited to announce the hiring of author and professor Dr. Steele Brand. He will formally join the faculty in Summer 2023, after he concludes his current responsibilities at The King’s College in New York City and the James Madison Program at Princeton University.

In tandem with hiring Dr. Brand, Cairn is thrilled to introduce a new Politics, Philosophy, and History (BA) program designed by Dr. Brand. This academically rigorous program, when paired with the University’s Bible and theology core curriculum, provides students with a robust, multidisciplinary understanding of the world and how Christians are to engage in the current culture. It will emphasize many of history’s great texts, starting with Scripture. The history component will be one of the program’s unique strengths, grounding the texts in their historical contexts with a rigorous tour through military, political, and cultural events. Students will come to know decisive battles, the great works of art,
social movements, and the constitutional orders out of which humanity’s animating ideas have emerged.

You can learn more about the program or apply for the upcoming semester at cairn.edu/programs/pph.