2023 Church Leaders Conference Encourages Leaders to Embrace Human Limitation

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On Thursday, March 9, the University hosted the annual Church Leaders Conference. Each year, this conference seeks to serve local church communities by offering a time of refreshment, encouragement, and growth to those in positions of leadership. This year’s session focused on “Finitude Is Not Sin: Embracing Limits in Leadership,” led by Dr. Kelly M. Kapic.

Dr. Kapic is a theology professor at Covenant College as well as the author of You’re Only Human: How Your Limits
Reflect God’s Design and Why That’s Good News
. In it, Dr. Kapic discusses the continual demand of everyday life and how it can feel frustratingly overwhelming. Our limitations, he argues, should not discourage us. Rather, our finitude and inabilities should point us to the Lord. Not only should they point us to the Lord, they should also increase our reliance and rest in him. Designed for leaders, the conference was able to encourage those attending to directly apply these concepts and gave leaders the necessary tools to better encourage those they shepherd.