Cairn Hosts We Love Youthworkers Convention

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On Saturday, September 23, Cairn hosted the We Love Youthworkers Convention. This event is orchestrated by Dr. Matt McAlack, director of the youth and family ministry program. It was last held in 2015 and has been brought back in order to equip youth leaders, volunteer youthworkers, counselors, and teachers to be more effective in reaching and discipling teenagers—a mission that has possibly never been more important.

This year’s two sessions were taught by Dr. Keith Plummer, dean of the School of Divinity, and Rev. Zachary McAlack ’09, pastor of young adults at Calvary Baptist Church in Easton, PA. Dr. Plummer spoke on “When Technology Eclipses Theology: How Medical, Social, and Other Technologies Can Diminish Our Perceived Need For God And Influence Our Understanding of What It Means to Be Human,” and Rev. McAlack shared “Treating Symptoms: How the New Gender Ideology Has Captured America’s Youth And How Christians Have And Should Respond.”

In between the sessions, the attendees worked through case studies in small groups and prayed for their
ministries before finishing the morning with fellowship over lunch.