Office Hours: Dr. Stacey Bose

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A personal, after-class interview with your favorite professors

Dr. Stacey Bose is the dean of the School of Education. She holds an EdD from Lehigh University specializing in Educational Leadership. With a wide array of experiences teaching in Christian international schools around the world, Dr. Bose teaches educators to think differently and learn from their students.

What made you pursue the position of Dean of the School of Education?

When I saw the job, I was really excited about an opportunity to move a bit closer to home and family. But I’m also really excited to be a part of what’s going on at Cairn. It’s a smaller institution and it seems to be a great place where students are really loved and cared for. Because of the smaller community, there are lots of ways to interact with students. That’s something that really interests me: that whole discipleship aspect and getting to meet and be a part of students’ lives.

You’re very well-traveled. How has this impacted the way you think about education?

I’ve learned that people all around the world do things differently. You can learn things from other people. Sometimes, even though you might be the teacher, there’s a whole lot you can learn from your students by understanding who they are, their families, and their culture.

What’s your philosophy for being an educational administrator?

My heart is in being a leader who is teaching the teachers. I like the opportunity to shape teachers and have an impact on what they do in the classroom. I view being a leader as being a servant, and you’re there to help other people become the best that they can be.

What makes an ideal student?

I think the things that are ideal for a college student are ideal for anybody. It’s important to be a lifelong learner, to never stop learning no matter what age you are. There are always new things to learn and new ways you can think about things that you haven’t considered before. It’s important to be spiritually sensitive and be in God’s word and in prayer every day. Also, be willing to work hard. It’s important as a college student to learn those skills of hard work as you’re preparing for exams and projects. That really helps prepare you for your career.

What do you like to do for fun?

My kids would say I don’t do anything for fun, but I definitely like to be outside, to walk and exercise, and jog a little bit. I love the beach and nature. Literacy is one of my passions, and I like to read when I have the opportunity.