Office Hours: Phil Feather

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Phil Feather serves as assistant professor and oversees the sport management program in the School of Business. For just over 30 years, Phil worked in ticketing services for the Philadelphia Phillies. He holds an MEd in Sports Administration from Temple University.

What was your role with the Phillies?

I started as a telemarketing intern with the Sixers until a Phillies connection offered me a job in ticketing. It evolved over the years, but I eventually ran an internship program where I hired college kids to work in customer service. That program gave students a well-rounded experience, getting their feet in a lot of different departments depending on their interests. Even though it’s a tough industry to get into, a lot of my interns ended up working in sports. Some work with the Eagles and Flyers; some are in different areas. There are two general managers in baseball now that interned for me, which is what I kind of hang my hat on.

Do you still go to games?

After you are with a baseball organization for 25 years, they give you a golden ticket for life. It’s good for two tickets: me and a guest at any ballpark around the country. That said, I haven’t used it yet.

What excites you about Cairn’s sport management program?

It’s new, and that’s both exciting and daunting. We’re looking to grow, and I think that’ll come with word of mouth as people take the classes. I try to incorporate guest speakers who are knowledgeable in the field and have experience. Hearing from experts and professionals already in the field was beneficial to me in grad school. It’s exciting to see the light bulb go off, to have students say, “Oh, I can live out my passion for sports and incorporate ministry and biblical principles in that.”

What makes an ideal sport management student?

When I was with the Phillies, we had a type of motto on the wall: “Energy, Effort, Enthusiasm.” That’s what I would say for a student. That talks nothing about your sports knowledge or your GPA. If you come to an interview with energy, effort, and enthusiasm, if you bring those three every day as an employee, that’s going to speak volumes on what you’re about.

What do you like to do when you’re not teaching?

We got a new puppy on New Year’s Eve. His name is Milton, and he’s nine months old now. He’s cute. I never really was a dog guy before, but he’s a pretty cool dog. So he takes a lot of time. Other than that, I still love sports and playing games with my family.